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Frank and Angela Lucero


Frank and Angela have been married for 24 years and are parents of 5 children, 2 dogs, 2 cats, 4 chickens, and 2 horses. They were born and raised both with a love and respect to the great outdoors, and that love is carried over into this company. While Frank works a full time job outside of Luzarrow, he is a great help not only to the company, but to his family in terms of putting a roof over their head, food on the table, and the tools to make this company the best it can be. Angela oversees all operations. She gives quotes, talks with customers about any questions or concerns they may have, as well as handles finances. They both share the same goal of getting this company to grow and be the first name that comes to mind when someone needs a fence.

JD Lucero

Owner Operator

JD has had prior experience in the fencing industry. Because of this, he was able to teach the rest of us, which started Luzarrow Fence. He is a recent high school graduate and plans on continuing his trade education through apprenticeships in either diesel mechanics or welding. JD is a driven young man and without him, this company wouldn’t have been able to progress to where it is today.

Diego Lucero

Owner Operator

Diego is the second oldest in the Lucero family. He has also had prior experience with fencing. He is a dedicated hard worker and a crucial member of this crew and company overall. Diego does all the heavy lifting and ensures every post, rail, and piece of wire is perfectly set to satisfy the customer. He works efficiently  and effectively. Outside of Luzarrow, Diego is in two bands, The Bouncing Hats and Tonguebyte. He sings, plays bass, guitar, and drums. His hard work doesn’t stop when he clocks out for work, but is also seen in his passion for music.

Kade Bitterman

Crew Member

Kade is another on of our new crew members! From living in Elbert County, he has become a part of the rodeo community. Kade has competed in team roping and been a part of FFA as well as 4H. From his experience with horses and live stock to the manual labor these entail, Kade fits in perfectly with this family! He has been very eager to help us help our customers and we are lucky to have him. 

Madison Houtkooper

Social Media Marketing 

Madison has been with us for the past year! She was born and raised in Colorado, graduated from high school last year, and now attends the University of Oregon. Madison is currently studying Human Physiology with hopes to attend medical school and graduate school to become a Radiologist and Doctor of Chemistry. Alongside her passion for science, she also has a passion for marketing and business and has helped build this website, published social media posts, and worked hard to grow the Luzarrow brand!


Western Post and Rail

Western post and rail can be built with 2, 3, or 4 rails and woven wire can be added. This is a great all-around fence whether it be for paddocks, property lines, or just keeping animals in. The wire adds extra security for all types of critters.

Priefert Ponderosa Fence

Priefert Ponderosas fences not only attribute to the popular western aesthetic, but are also very durable for both animals and weather. The use of no weld steel rails make the installation process quick. Whether the need be for fencing in cattle, horses, or just around your house, the Priefert Ponderosa fence is the way to go. 

T-Posts, H-Braces, and ​Wire

These fences are the perfect solution for many situations. T-posts can range from 5 feet to 10 feet tall and are used to support different types of wire: woven wire for keeping livestock in and wildlife out,  barbed wire  for property lines, and smooth wire for interior fences-which is  safe for horses and other animals. H-braces are used for stability and to ensure the longevity of our fences. 

Post and Board

Post and board fences are visually appealing while also keeping horses and cattle contained. They're similar to the western post and rail and can have up to 4 boards added as well as woven wire for extra security. 


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Priefert Ponderosa Fence

Beautiful Priefert Ponderosa completed in Franktown, Colorado!

Peachy Farms Reapir

A tear down and repair for an animal rescue in Elizabeth, Colorado.